Mission & Vision Statements

The mission of the Clayville Elementary School Community is to provide all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve high academic standards while encouraging curiosity, promoting responsibility, and building character in a nurturing learning environment.

Empathetic and Active Citizen The Scituate Graduate is a person who:

  • Respects the ideas, cultures, and differences of people

  • Is effective in a complex world including displays of grit, tenacity, perseverance, resilience, reliability, and honesty

  • Thinks as a global citizen, considering global issues based on a deep understanding of diverse values with genuine interest in engaging with others to solve complex problems that impact society

  • Is aware of the importance of wellness, selfcare, and has an understanding and respect for visual and performing arts

Innovative Collaborator and Creator The Scituate Graduate is a person who:

  • Works cooperatively with others to complete goals and tasks 

  • Has the capacity to work in teams with strong interpersonal and team‐related skills including effective management of team dynamics, making decisions together, and growing from and contributing to the learning of others

  • Has the ability to recognize economic and social opportunities, asking the right questions to generate novel ideas, and demonstrating leadership to employ those ideas into practice

  • Displays characteristics of a growth mindset 

Effective Communicator The Scituate Graduate is a person who:

  • Speaks and writes effectively to communicate ideas 

  • Is proficient in four fluencies: digital, writing, reading, and oral- tailored for a range of audiences

  • Appropriately advocates for self and others 

Resilient Critical Thinker and Problem Solver The Scituate Graduate is a person who:

  • Generates and recognizes original ideas, seeks alternative solutions to problems, and makes connections  

  • Critically evaluates information and arguments, sees patterns and connections, constructs meaningful knowledge and applies it in the real world.

Values: Clayville values and strive to embody community. Our students, families, and faculty are close-knit, supportive, and inclusive. We believe in nurturing student growth by investing in our community.