Scituate School District's Medication Policy (#4030)

It is the policy of the Scituate School Committee that: 

  1. Except in the case of an emergency situation only certified nurse-teachers or parents are authorized to dispense medication to students.

  2. In no instance can a parent or legal guardian delegate to another person – neighbor, relative, friend – the authority to come into the school to administer medication.

  3. No elementary student is allowed to transport medication to and from school with the exception of emergency medications. All other medication must be transported to and from elementary schools by the parent or another adult.

  4. Prescription and non-prescription medication will be dispensed by the school nurse teacher only when: a) received by the school nurse-teacher in the original labeled container from the pharmacy, and b) is required in writing by the attending physician, and c) is authorized in writing by the parent or legal guardian of the student.

  5. Inhalers and epinephrine auto injectors or other medications may be self-administered with written authorization from both parent and physician. These medications are to be stored in the office/health room unless written authorization from Physician state otherwise.

  6. Regarding field trips, inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors should be carried by the teacher unless written authorization from a physician and parent state otherwise. Students may self-carry and/or self-administer other prescription medication on field trips only when it a) is requested in writing by the attending physician, and b) is authorized in writing by the parent or legal guardian, and c) is in consultation with school nurse-teacher and administration.

  7. In an emergency life-threatening situation, all school personnel are authorized to administer medication. ("Good Samaritan Statute" insulates a person who voluntarily and gratuitously renders emergency assistance from liability for civil damages unless the Samaritan is guilty of "gross negligence or wanton conduct.") General Laws 9-1-27-1

References: Title 16-21-7 of the General Laws of Rhode Island

Title 9-1-27-1 of the General Laws of Rhode Island

Rules & Regulations for School Health Programs, amended December, 1999